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Luxury Villas Rental Es Cubells Ibiza

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Luxury Villas Rental Es Cubells Ibiza

Why don’t treat yourself with a luxury villa in Es Cubells, one of the most exclusive Mediterranean location?

Es Cubells beach is located at the foot of a majestic mountain and consists of three small coves separated by rock formations.

Formed by pebbles, its crystal clear waters invite you to take a bath and its predominantly rocky bottom, hides an infinite number of corners to explore, ideal for lovers of diving and snorkeling.

Cala Es Cubells is a fantastic beach surrounded by nature, it also arouses great interest among hikers, as it is in a place where you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view. The beach, 300 meters long and 10 meters wide, consists mainly of pebbles gravel and boulders, and the rocky seabed alternates with sand.

The seabed reaches high depths just a few meters from the beach. Given that it is located at the foot of a large cliff, access is somewhat complicated, the lack of indications makes Playa Es Cubells not very popular, and is, therefore, a suitable beach for those who want to spend a few hours at the sea alone and relax.

You can reach playa Es Cubells, directly from the small village of Cubells in the municipality of San Jose.

The deviation to the beach is not marked by any sign but is located just below the village of Es Cubells, 500 meters after the village church, there is a winding road that leads to the beach.

The same road also leads to other inlets nearby, such as Ses Boques, and the fabulous Cala Llentrisca.

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