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Sant Josep Luxury Villas

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Style Miami To Ibiza..
from 1.200 € /night
Guests10 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms5

Sant Josep Luxury Villas

The waters that bathe the coasts of Sant Josep are always little agitated and devoid of cold currents; this makes sure that the sea temperature is very hot (especially in summer), as in few places in the world: in fact, in the months of April/May this temperature is still 18.5 ºC and in June 21.5ºC. Then thanks to the thermal inertia of the sea that keeps the heat for a long time, even after the summer the water temperatures are still warm. This factor is very pleasant for all those who do not like the hot summer weather and go on vacation in the autumn months. Then remember that coming to Sant Josep in the fall you can bathe in warm sea water as if it were summer. Luxury Villas for rent and many beautiful beaches and coves with tourquoise water they are the attraction of tourism.

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