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Home Away From Home !
from 1.500 € /night
Guests14 Bedrooms7 Bathrooms7
Light & Love
from 110 € /night
Guests5 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms2
Relax your Soul !
from 130 € /night
Guests7 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms3


In the country that holds some of the most ancient stories of the past, lies the hidden jewels and treasures: IKH offers come of the most exquisite villas to rent in Greece. The Greek islands are known for their beauty, culture and tradition throughout the world, and the key to your next memorable vacation lies within a luxury holiday villa in Greece: a sprawling property to rent overlooking the Aegean Sea in Mykonos or a cozy and authentic greek luxury villa rental in Greece’s Paros with a private beach entrance. Your next villa holidays in Greece start with an extravagant estate offered by IKH Villas.

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